About Acobia

What do we mean by
Integrator of Intelligence?

See our film where we explain what we mean by Integrator of Intelligence.

About Acobia

Acobia creates intelligent solutions, integrating businesses, organisations and systems into one smart whole.

With the ability to understand ideas and complicated causal links, to plan, and to solve problems, Acobia creates intelligent control and surveillance systems for clients with high demands for efficiency, accessibility, and security. Acobia makes your business smarter, regardless of whether it’s a property, a production facility, or an infrastructure facility.

With over 25 years of experience, we take a well-developed and holistic approach to our services, in which we take responsibility for project implementation, design, programming, testing, commissioning, and maintenance. This is so that our customers can focus on what they do best, their own business.

Constantly developing

In a world where technology is developing faster and faster, new opportunities are opening up all the time. We’re developing a new way of working and collaborating in order to meet these demands.

In just over one year, our Transformer Team has pushed our work forwards by investigating the market’s impending needs and new business models. It has become clear to us that we should expand our role from system integrator to an Integrator of Intelligence.

By integrating organisations, people, and technology, we create serious benefits in business and the environment. We are now turning our gaze ambitiously towards creating a smarter world. At the same time, we are also tidying things up a bit and shortening our name to Acobia!

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What does Acobia really do?

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Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö & Larvik (Norway)

Acobia – from then until now

Acobia’s history is characterised by technical curiosity, a willingness to develop, and a real ability to understand the customer’s reality. These qualities have brought four companies together, finding their synergies, and ultimately becoming one entity.

In 1995, Apocca Technology was established, which in 1999 became Acobia, and in 1997 FLUX was born. Acobia, with its CEO Mikael Nilsson, worked with Automation, while FLUX worked with Industrial IT. The two companies met early on as suppliers involved in large-scale projects. The first time the companies’ representatives met, they discussed how well the businesses complemented each other. But the time wasn’t right yet. Both companies needed to grow and develop further before the time was perfect for increasing cooperation and creating the company we are today.

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