Acobia - a total provider

We don’t reinvent the wheel over and over again. Instead, we base our solutions on ready-made concepts and components. Proven solutions form the basis for every new project. Our way of working is made possible by our strong focus on structure, documentation and design. This also means that the customer’s business doesn’t need to be adapted to the solution, but rather the solution is fully adapted to the customer’s business and needs. Tailored to the consumer as well as economical- the best of both worlds.

See the movies about some of our projects

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Acobia: Farris Bad

The client in focus

One of the most important parts of our work is the interaction with the client throughout the whole process of the project. Our partnership with the client reaches all the way from preliminary research to project evaluation and support.

In order for the solution to be truly tailor-made, everyone concerned has to be involved in the process, from people who make investment decisions to the intended end users. This also forms the basis for successful implementation of the solution in the customer’s operations. This close relationship within the project continues after final delivery through further development and support work with the client. This guarantees that the solution continues to be adapted to the client as the outside world changes and as needs change.